As you might have noticed we set up Teamspeak server and made it ready for the members and teams who joined WCSleague. All teamchannels are created and the team owners can ask for channel admin rights to manage their own channel. The server is up for 24/7.

Teamspeak is used for high quality voice communications. A lot of drivers use it to communicate with their team or teammates to discuss situations, strategy's, setups or just shit chats :).

You can download the latest version of this software from
Passwords are available in the forum post.


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See you there!

YTF1 is happy to announce that they are to join the revived WCS League as the team broaden their horizons for 2017, initially entering the BMW E90 Championship. Team manager Matthew Allington adds: "It's a pleasure to add YTF1's name to the ever-growing list of teams participating in this revitalised league. The situation works well for us as we have been looking to explore pastures new in 2017 and we already have a pair of BMW E90's back at HQ - this combined with the community consequently made it a no-brainer for us to accept the invitation to race here!" The hunt is on for drivers as YTF1 prepare to restore their cars to working order for this new challenge.

It is with great pleasure that today we can announce that Fanatec Draig Racing will be entering into the F3 championship at the newly reformed WCS League. WCS needs no reintroduction given its large popularity, and the team is thrilled to be joining as the league reforms.

Ben Willis, team manager was on hand to provide comment on the announcement:

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be accepting the invitation to race here at WCS. This is a league with plenty of history and a strong community that is now growing more than ever. For us, its brilliant to be expanding to pastures new, so this is a win for both parties involved”

The welsh outfit is yet to have announced any drivers for its F3 campaign, but the search is already underway for two talented individuals to drive for the team.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Wauters Automotive will be competing on from 2017 onwards! This is a huge opportunity for the team to diversify their campaign, as well as meet new adversaries on track.

The Belgian outfit will enter four vehicles in total, 2 BMW E90’s in the WTTC inspired series, and 2 Formula 3 machines for open wheel action.

For the BMW series, Wauters Automotive has already secured a very potent line-up, signing both American ace Sven de Vries and Belgian speed devil Bart De Vos. This duo makes the chances of the team obtaining a good result very real indeed.

When it comes to the open wheel Formula 3 series, the team is still looking for a dynamic duo to pilot the blue white and red cars to victory. Phone lines, mailboxes and pigeon stalls remain open in the coming days for all drivers looking for a new challenge!

There is a lot more to come since we launched our website yesterday. Today we are proud to announce that we got our first league server up and running for beta testing purposes. Currently the server got our Formula 3 and BMW E90 basic mods and some tracks online, wich will be developed in the next couple of weeks. The server name is - Betaserver.

We also have our LiveRacers plugins are installed on the server to transmit serverdata, hotlaps and liveview to a great platform wich is available to you. Click here for LiveRacers 

And last but not least, we got our Simsync running with the data the server is using. We use Simsync to have our mods and other updates in sync with you. Probaly you already know the software from other leagues. Simsync is ready to download from our Download section in the website's mainmenu. The password for Simsync is in the download description. Click here for the Download Section

We wish you all good luck on track!


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